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> This play yard features a  topic  as 1 pc door Panel  and  1 pc Toy Panel  and 10 normal Panel . Toy Panel with Rabbit.  It can enhance kids have sense of timing n number and start his important first step  when he/she is a baby. 

> The size of this playpen can increase or decrease by removing or adding panels at different combination as square or Rectangle. ( Top up Normal Panel at $22 /pc  Additonal Toy Panel at $42/pc )

>It also may create interest and encourage mobility for your child

> Makes a great holiday gift.

> Good quality

> It has very innovative Improvement on panel connection. Added on Button on connection to improve immobility of Playyard when baby push panel. Press down Button It allow parents to convert playground into their desired shape. 

> Perfect for children up to 4 yrs  

> Safety lock on doors

>Normal Panel per pc size : 42x H 60cm  Door & Toy  Panel per pc size: L80xH60cm