Dark Blue Green Playpen
Simple Single Love Pencil Dark Blue Green Playpen

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Product Description:

Looking for a portable bed for your toddler? This single layer pencil design playpen is the ultimate choice you should go for. Fully mesh on 4 sides, it enhances ventilation and maximize supervision. You can monitor your child easily from all angle. Fully foldable and portable, this playpen is an ideal playpen for toddlers. Put a mattress to convert it into a night sleeping bed or simply add in toys and books to keep the child engage during day time. Plan fun activities for your kids to play in! With padded cushion all round the edge, your little one can now learn how to walk with ease in the playpen, without falling down.


-          Fully portable and foldable

-          Fully mesh and all 4 side

-          Comes with hard board to be placed at the bottom 

Recommended age:

6 months to 4 years old  

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