Playyard (8Pcs)
Sweet Ocean Playyard (8Pcs)

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Product Description

> This play-pen features a Funny play land  with  1 pc door Panel  and  1 pc Toy Panel  and 6 pcs Fence panel (80x66cm/pc)

> The size of this playpen can increase or decrease by removing or adding panels at different combination

> ( Top Up additional  Blue or Yellow  Panel size: 80x66cmat $32.90) . 

> It also may create interest and encourage mobility for your child.

> Makes a great holiday gift.

> Good quality

> Perfect for children up to 5 yrs of age;

> Activity board: Safety lock on doors

> Assembled dimensions: L185xW185cm or  L261x110cm, panel per pc size : 80x H 66cm

Comments from Customer:  It has dual Locker on the door panel. Which can prevent kids to open door from inside. Its 66cm Height compared with others only 60-62 cm height

Top up $12.90 for 30 pcs fun ball

Top up $16.90 for  50 Fun ball

Top up $26 for 100 Fun Ball

Top up $49.90 for Fisherprice reversible Playmat

Top up $29.90 for some of our Playmat listed

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