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OneStar 4in1 Portable Crib Bedside Sleeper Bassinet Folding Playpen Baby Jumper

  • $149.00

Multipurpose Bassinet is such a great choice for a baby or toddler! Portable and Foldable structure is so convenient to use, it’s simple but sturdy and very easy to assemble. This travel bassinet is not only fit for indoor use, such as bedroom, living room, kitchen. But also fit for outdoor use, such as backyard, patio, park, party, camping, traveling, and so on. It creates an independent and comfortable space for kids, and the mesh walls of the bassinet just give you that peace of mind to know that your baby is comfortable and that you are able to keep an eye on her at all times. It helps share mother’s time and energy! Worth choosing!

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  • Meet ASTM safety standard certification. Material: Oxford cloth + Metal frame. Expand Size: 31.8in x 31.8in x 35.8in, Carrier bag size: 9.8in x 9.8in x 33.8in. Weight: 23 lbs.
  • For the newborn baby, it can be used as a side crib. When the baby gets bigger, you can take off the bed part and let the baby play in it so you can do some housework or others. In addition, we are equipped with a detachable swing, which can also be used as a baby jumper and bouncer.
  • The metal frame can be built or folded in one step, and then just install the fabric part, which is very easy to assemble; with a Carrier bag, convenient to store and carry.
  • The mesh walls of the bassinet, not only maintain good ventilation but also ensure visibility, you can see this being used in the living room, kitchen and around the house to keep the baby close while you do other house work.
  • The co-sleeper bedside crib is adjusted by the side zipper, it’s so convenient for you to reach over and check up on your baby at night, and if your baby wakes up or cries in the middle of the night or cries, you don’t even need to get up to pick him up.

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