Playpen Ball Pit with Basketball Hoop for Toddler Foldable Ball Pool Tent


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Playpen Ball Pit with Basketball Hoop for Toddler Foldable Ball Pool Tent

  • $12.90
  • A Safe Portable Playpen For a Toddler To Explore
  • Kids have a mental, emotional and physical need to learn how to explore and build sensory and motor skills by investigating their physical environments. 
  • Safe, Stimulating Playtime for Toddlers
  • Teaches Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Portable for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Quality Construction that is Built to Last
  • Great Gift Idea

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SAFE STIMULATING PLAYTIME FOR TODDLERS: This is a big ball pit for toddlers to spend hours exploring while developing their motor, depth perception and sensory skills. It a safe fun place for them to practice standing and reaching, and a fantastic way to teach them color names!

YOUR CHILD BASKETBALL CAREER STARTS HERE: Sports are a very healthy and important part of growing up. Kids learn self-confidence and how to play with others as they grow year after year. As your child hand-eye coordination improves, you ll start imagining them performing their first slam dunk!

PORTABLE FUN: This 4ft toddler ball pit for boys and girls is equally fun indoors and outdoors. It folds up easily in seconds so you can take it along on picnics, the beach and to grandma house. It cleans up easy with soap and water. It even doubles as a quick place to put all your child toys!

MADE OF HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: Both the ball pit and the zippered storage bag are made of sturdy non-toxic fabric. The quality materials and construction ensures many happy of hours of play for your budding Michael Jordan. Your kids will pass it down to their little siblings after they outgrow it!

MAKES A GREAT GIFT: This super fun ball pit with basketball net will entertain and challenge your toddler and they grow in confidence and ability. A perfect gift for the little one in your life for birthdays and all occasions. Their faces will light up with joy in this wonderous play environment!

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